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InterActive New Zealand

This interactive map provides regional findings from the Active NZ Survey. Today, it shows how many adults in each region achieved New Zealand’s Physical Activity Guideline.

How many adults achieved 30 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity on at least five days out of seven?


Regional population:44% Men: 45.8% Women: 42.4%
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Bay of Plenty

Regional population: 47.5% Men: 57.6% Women: 38.0%
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Canterbury/West Coast

Regional population: 53.2% Men: 52.1% Women: 54.3%
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Counties Manukau

Regional population: 51% Men: 59.5% Women: 42.4%
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Regional population: 35.2% Men: 37.7% Women: 32.9%
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Hawke's Bay

Regional population: 53.3% Men: 55.8% Women: 50.7%
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Regional population: 43.6% Men: 42.0% Women: 44.8%
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North Harbour

Regional population: 42.5% Men: 45.1% Women: 39.5%
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Regional population: 44.5% Men: 48.4% Women: 41.7%
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Regional population: 51.1% Men: 62.1% Women: 43.5%
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Regional population: 52.6% Men: 57.8% Women: 48.7%
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Regional population: 47% Men: 49.6% Women: 45.3%
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Regional population: 49.8% Men: 48.5% Women: 51.0%
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Regional population: 45.9% Men: 51.0% Women: 40.9%
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Regional population: 54.3% Men: 60.6% Women: 48.0%
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Regional population: 43% Men: 57.1% Women: 31.8%
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Population: 47.6% Men: 52.4% Women: 42.4%
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