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RST Profile: Waikato

Reported Findings

In this report:

  • regional findings (based on the total regional sample) are compared to national findings; and
  • within each region, comparisons by gender are made (i.e. men versus women).

The regional findings presented in each of the 17 regional reports are associated with margins of error ranging between ±4% and ±12%. Findings based on the total regional sample have margins of error at the lower end of this range. When the data are analysed by gender, the findings are associated with margins of error at the higher end of this range.

The sample size per region, therefore, is large enough to produce reliable high-level findings according to the aforementioned comparisons, but is not large enough to produce reliable findings based on more in-depth analyses (e.g. regional findings by age). The comparisons noted in this report provide insights into how the regional activity profile compares with the activity profile for all New Zealanders and any differences in participation that may exist between men and women.

Although differences between regional and national findings or between male and female findings within a specific region may be large, these differences may not always be (statistically) significant. If regional findings are significantly different to national findings or if there are significant differences between men and women within a specific region, this will be noted in the text of this document. More information regarding margins of error is available at