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RST Profile: Wanganui

Popular Sport and Recreation Activities By Gender

The 10 Most Popular Sport and Recreation Activities Participated In Over 12 Months By Gender

Mens Activity % Womens Activity %
Walking 56.7 Walking 67.7
Gardening 52.0 Gardening 66.5
Fishing 37.8 Swimming 31.0
Equipment-based exercise 28.4 Equipment-based exercise 16.5
Cycling 27.5 Dance 13.4
Swimming 26.9 Cycling 12.3
Golf 22.3 Netball6 10.0
Tramping 18.9 Exercise (Other)7 9.3
Jogging/Running 18.4 Jogging/Running 9.1
Hunting5 17.4 Fishing 7.8
  • Walking and gardening, in that order, were the most popular activities for both men and women.
  • Seven of the 10 most popular activities were the same for men and women.
  • Activities uniquely popular with women were dance, netball and exercise (other), while golf, tramping and hunting were uniquely popular among men.

5 Hunting includes general hunting, deerstalking and pig hunting.

6 Includes both indoor and outdoor versions of this activity.

7 Exercise (Other) includes all exercises conducted at home or at the gym, but excludes activities such as aerobics, yoga, pilates, callisthenics or equipment-based exercise.